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Quality Initiatives:

5 Star Patient Care requires not only Quality Health Care but also high levels of Member Satisfaction and Customer Service. It involves a well-rounded approach to keep you healthy and happy whether you are in the office of your primary physician, visiting a specialist or speaking with our administrative office.

The RPPG physician network has once again earned the Blue Ribbon Award in 2011 for high levels of Member Satisfaction and 8 out of 10 available Blue Stars for Patient Health Care. According to BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois, medical groups earning 8 stars or more are in the top 42% of all medical groups.

Quality Health Care. Each year BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois identifies specific areas of patient care and awards "Blue Stars" to Medical Groups with documented high levels of care. For the 2011 report, stars could be earned for the following 10 areas:

* Asthma Care
* Breast Cancer Screening
* Cervical Cancer Screening
* Childhood Immunization
* Colorectal Cancer Screening
* Controlling High Blood Pressure
* Diabetes Care
* Influenza Vaccinations
* Management of Cardiovascular Conditions
* Mental Health Follow-Up Care

For details on the criteria involved for these 10 measures, please click here.

Member Satisfaction and Customer Service. Our members are happy!

Each year BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois recognizes HMO medical groups that have documented high levels of member satisfaction. Medical groups that receive a member satisfaction rating of at least 85% are awarded a "Blue Ribbon".
Member satisfaction is determined by actual patients. A member satisfaction survey is distributed annually to members requesting them to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of the Medical Group. The purpose of the annual survey and resulting Blue Ribbon Report is to help individuals compare and select a Primary Care Physician and Medical Group that best suits their individual needs.

To view the full Blue Ribbon and Blue Star report from BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois, you may click here.

To view more information about the Blue Ribbon and Blue Stars, please click here to visit the BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois website.



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  Helpful Member Documents:

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  Consent to Release Medical Record Form (pdf)

  Case Management Consent Form (pdf)

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